Mandy Nolan, veteran stand up comedian, professional MC, renaissance woman, bon vivant, public speaking mentor and teacher of more than 1500 ‘wanna be’ stand up comedians.

Mandy has performed comedy and conventional speeches to more than 1,000,000 people in a public speaking career spanning more than 30 years.

A consummate professional public speaker, having preformed to the wildest crowds in far outback towns across Australia, as well as to high class guests as MC at A grade celebrity birthday parties – Mandy’s public speaking experience is unmatched.

Having been repeatedly asked by countless people to assist them to be better public speakers, Mandy has compiled a list of the 10 key steps that have helped her become one of the most loved and respected public speakers in the country.

If you have every wanted to be a more confident presenter sign up here to receive a list of key tips honed over more than 30 years of speaking to audiences for a living. These are the fundamental techniques that Mandy has developed for herself to ensure that no matter who her audience is she is fully prepared, ready and confident to deliver her content in a way that will hit the mark with her audience whether they be at the Windorah pub or The Opera House.

In these 10 steps is a glimpse into the preparation mindset and process of a consummate expert. This list will provide you with the tools to develop greater confidence on stage and a more relaxed and confident delivery enabling you to grab your audience’s attention and hold on to it while you impart your important information.

Mandy’s 10 easy steps will give you an insight into the techniques developed by a professional public speaker over more than 3 decades in the industry.

If you want to improve your public speaking these tips will take your presentations to the next level.

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