Home Truths – Myth Dusting by The Lady of the House Mandy Nolan


Mandy leaves no corner of our suburban psyches undisturbed in her clean-out of our comfort cobwebs, using her comedic talents to unearth insights buried behind closed doors, including:

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  • Do share houses unleash the hidden and very messy inner monster hiding within us all?
  • What does your rental property say about your approach to life?
  • What will the neighbours learn by perving through your windows or rummaging through the leftover detritus of past relationships that now grace your garage sale? and
  • Were people less troubled by obesity when their chairs and beds were more uncomfortable and pain forced them to get up earlier and rest less? Have plasma tVs and plush-cushioned comfort made us fat?

It was on her knees unpacking the dishwasher that Nolan had one of her most important epiphanies. ‘Life is not all about choice. Sometimes it’s about subjugating one’s own desires and ego at the service of the mundane. My daily rituals, my chores, the endless grind, this is the anvil that anchors my ego to the ground, that stops me floating skywards…

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Dimensions 21.00 × 17.00 × 2.00 cm


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