Sunday Bloody Sunday 0

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Last week the Fair Work Commission ruled that Sunday and Public Holiday penalty rates

will be reduced for Full time and part time workers in hospitality, retail and the fast -food

industry. Well it’s about time! We already know these people are what has been dragging

our country down. Some of these ‘crooks’ are earning as much as $25 000 a year! It was

about time the Turnbull government stood up to these sickos taking advantage of Sunday

rates and bleeding our poor fast food chains and corporations dry. Thank you Malcolm.

You really showed those dirty scum bag workers who’s boss. When they default on their

mortgage, can’t pay their rent, feed their kids or put petrol in their car next week they will

definitely see the error of their ways and no doubt rejoice in how them chipping in part of

their income will really help boost the economy. It’s good to see those corporate profits on

the up. The shareholders will be delighted! When times are tough you all have to pull

together. And clearly Malcolm has been up at night very late doing a lot of pulling. Mainly

the swollen cocks of corporations, but with the Fair Work Commission ruling, Uncle

Malcolm has given big business a very very happy ending. Not so for the workers. They

got a right rogering from Malcolm. It’s not every day you get to fuck 500 000 people all at

once. Thats a fiscal gang bang. For retail and hospitality sector workers, Sundays were

paid at time and three quarters. This is because Sunday was considered to be a day of

rest. A family day. A Sleep in day. A Wash Your underpants day. A Watch the footy day.

A lie on the couch and recover from Saturday night’s Tequila binge day. Thats what

Sunday was. Some people even used Sunday to visit Jesus. Even when he wasn’t home.

So if you were going to work on Sunday our Unions. Those despicable people who

safeguard the rights of the worker. Who have bought in leave entitlements and safety

requirements so we don’t die at work. Those commie bastards who fought long and hard to make Australia the first country in the world to pass into law the 8hr working day and today continue to ensure the poorest workers in the country don’t perish in the coalmine of capitalism, well it was back

in 1947 that unions argued to the Arbitration Commission that people needed extra

money for working outside normal hours. Mr Turbbull has led the charge on destroying a

hard won right that Aussie workers have enjoyed for 70 years. That’s bloody un-

Australian Turdbull. And is something only instigated by the privileged who have never considered having to work on a Sunday, let alone considered just how important those Sunday penalty rates were to people’s weekly budgets.

Did you know that it’s estimated that nearly half a million of this country’s lowest paid workers will

lose up to $6000 a year. When you’re on an income of under $30k a year thats

significant. Add it up. This sudden loss of a work condition we’ve enjoyed for 7 decades

will put $3 billion back in the coffers for business by taking it out of the pockets of those

poor tired hard working fuckers who give up their Sunday to earn a bit more dosh. I mean

why shake down the corporate tree for unpaid tax when you can slip your hand neatly and

quickly into the back pockets of the worker? Worker’s don’t have accountants, they’re not

lawyered up. They’re easy targets. And the irony is a lot of them actually voted for

Malcolm and his crazy band of poor bashing bandits. Instead of stealing our Sundays and

enslaving Aussie families to the capitalist machine, why not crack down on tax dodging

corporations. Just seven of them alone owe us $2billion. That means around 600 major

corporations are yet to cough up. When over one third of top Australian Companies pay

NO TAX, its up to the check out chicks, the baristas and the dish-pigs of the country to chip

in so we make the bottom line. Thanks Malcolm you are our very own Reverse Robin

Hood. You steal from the poor and give to the rich. I hope this new decision really does free up some more new jobs. One especially. Yours.


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