Schapelle Corby can’t… 4

…profit From Her Drug Conviction But the Media Can Profit From Her

In the next 6 weeks three of my daughters will be heading overseas for around 6 months each. It’s a nerve wracking time for a parent and so far I’ve only had one major piece of advice to give them. Don’t be a drug mule. Don’t strap drugs to your stomach, put them in your luggage or up your bum. No matter how tempting it is. When someone offers you $10k to swallow 50 sets of headphones to take back for their niece in London, remind yourself it’s just not worth it. Have you ever tried to shit out a Dr Dre? That’s some serious evacuation. And you will get caught you silly little white girl. Thats why you are referred to as a ‘drug mule’ and not a ‘drug thoroughbred’  – you are basically of little value to those seeking your assistance, so if caught you’ll have to languish in some shitty jail while the rest of the world decides whether you were a) a sweet little filly or b) a slutty old brood mare. Somehow what side of the moral ledger the public decides you fall on  makes a difference in establishing the perception of your story and whether the public chooses to either a) support you or b) persecute you. Schapelle knows that only too well. Australia has been trying to decide whether they’re pro Corby or anti Corby for well over a decade. Like its any of our business to decide someone’s guilt or innocence based on a few tabloid photographs, an obsessional retelling of the boogie board story and eventually a book that alleged she had a drug lord for a dad. (There was no firm evidence of that and there was a substantial pay out to the family for defamation. ) The Corby case has afforded the general public something of a contemporary version of Silvannia Waters with all the thrill of a good old witch burning, except this is no reality TV, this is reality.  A reality played out in a family that initially didn’t have the skills or social savvy to protect themselves against the ire of a middle class media. Everyone had a good old laugh at what bogans the Corby’s were,  and we’ve cruelly watched their suffering without even a hint of compassion. It’s exactly the kind of prime time drama the media loves. She was the Lindy Chamberlain of the her time. Another stern faced brunette that we chose to hate. Because she didn’t look like a victim. And if you are a woman and you don’t look like a victim, then you’re guilty. I guess I don’t care if she was guilty or innocent. I think if she’s can you buy viagra over the counter done her time, she’s met the criteria of her 3 year parole in Bali then the media needs to leave her alone. Freedom mustn’t feel like freedom when you have a press pack baying for your blood. Waiting for you to snap. To push a camera man. To tell them to go fuck themselves. I mean wouldn’t you? How free can you can be when the whole country is watching your every move and judging you. Most of us struggle with our self esteem over imagined insults. This girl gets it in spades. And why her? Why has she been the catalyst for so much public scrutiny? I guess we enjoy judging Schapelle because even the most politically correct amongst gets to throw a rock. Is she pregnant? Is she fat? Is she angry? Is she drinking vodka? Where did she get the money? Honestly, Who fucking cares? Can’t we just leave the poor girl alone? WE still can’t get enough of this thin eyebrowed beautician from the Goldie. So with her prison sentence  finally over, her real  sentence begins: and this time its for Life. It’s called try and fit back in to society when everyone has already made up their mind about you. Where people who don’t know you talk about your motives, your personality, your inherent deviance. Give her a break. She survived 10 years in an Indonesian jail. If she was innocent then she achieved the unthinkable,  she stayed sane. If she was guilty she  did her time, and didn’t give anyone up. She’s one tough cookie. Strong women scare people, and Corby’s relentless will, and the fact that the media couldn’t break her has meant they won’t stop until they do. The media are a pack of bullies desperate for her blood. She’s not allowed to profit from crime by selling stories, so they  just harangue her.  It’s not news. It’s over.  Maybe she could start lecturing to school kids on resilience, because if Corby didn’t have a fair whack of that stuff we bleat on about to our kids she’d be dead long ago. I’m not saying she’s a hero. She’s not. She’s just a girl who went to Bali and got convicted for being a drug mule. There’s nothing noble in that. But there’s nothing inherently evil either. She’s got the curse of the Ned Kelly. They’ll shoot her dead and then she’ll become folklore.  What we admired about Kelly and perhaps what I admire about Corby is a simple disregard for authority. The long quiet stand off. They didn’t get her.

And I don’t think they ever will. Beaten by a bogan. Suck that Murdoch.


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17 thoughts on “Schapelle Corby can’t…

  1. Thank you,I have been saying this for ages.I personally don’t believe she was guilty.If people cast their brainless minds back,what happened to all the paper work when the board was weighed in Sydney then onto wherever.Amazing,it all disappeared.That should have made people start asking questions.But no,just hang her out to dry.I hope she has the best life from here on in,and tells the Media to piss off.

  2. The true crime was the time she was given when even the cops in Bali sell drugs. Those fools give people less time for murder or for bombing innocents.

  3. Right on Mandy. The media are despicable when they hunt in packs and she has paid a heavy price already. By the way my sister Hilary still has your beautiful nude women kissing painting on her wall. I love it so much. Do you remember meeting me with her in Byron? Much love to you and yours,


  4. There we all go by the grace of something or other. I agree Let her be. Thanks for your clear view sister

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