Mandy Gets It UP!!! 0

After months in the planning, trawling through diaries and safari to find the thousands of bits and pieces of me spread across the universe, I’m thrilled to be able to tick off the dot point on my 2015 TO DO list that said ‘Create New Website’. For most of the year those three words have haunted me. In fact it’s been on my yearly TO DO list since about 2012 when my site got hacked by some porn channel and some poor woman got an unexpected surprise when she looked up The Big Joke Festival and found something else that was very big. She contacted me and told me that I had a warped sense of humour and she wasn’t amused. Unfortunately she didn’t believe that I was hacked! So good to have a new site that tries to bring the many faces of me into one place. I had no idea I was so busy! And at last, a live blog site. You’ll never stop hearing from me now.

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