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Story by: Ann Rickard
Published: Noosa News, 17 April 2015 (View Original)

BRACE yourself, Mandy Nolan’s coming to town.

Comedian, keynote speaker, author, columnist and all round irreverent wit, Mandy Nolan will be in Noosa on April 29 to launch her new book Home Truths, Myth Dusting by the Lady of the House.

Following her two books – What I Would Do If I were You, and Boyfriends We’ve All Had (But Shouldn’t Have) – her latest book is part memoir and part observational wit, and proof that Mandy is every bit as funny in print as she is in her larger-than-life persona on stage.

“I can explore more ideas in-depth in writing,” she said. “My comedy shows go well but with the written word I can provoke, inflame, engage. You can achieve more with humour in writing, it is like diving down deep into an idea and really exploring it.”

Starting life in Wondai, a rural town north of Kingaroy that Mandy describes as “a hot dry and dusty streetscape of quiet desolation”, she moved on up quickly to the success she is today, working alongside Whoopi Goldberg and Eartha Kitt along the way as well as every profile comic in the country.

In demand at comedy festivals and touring nationally with her stand-up routine, Mandy’s wickedly observational eye takes in the ordinary, dissects it and turns into something hilarious.

Her new latest book is a laugh-out-loud read. “I call it an observational memoir,’ she said. “I use my life as a jumping how to buy viagra board to observe human behaviour. I like to wonder why we do what we do. You don’t need to travel to find humour in people’s behaviour. I really believe humour is in your own back garden. I’ve been writing humour for a long time. To be successful at it there has to be a certain amount of pathos, realness. I endeavour to make observations that aren’t clichés, say things that people haven’t thought about in that way before, to engage people and connect.”

In Home Truths, Mandy explores everyday issues such as lost socks, the joy of renovations, the use of neutral colour schemes, visiting display homes, and turns them into hilarious anecdotes.

“You hope someone will find a connecting point,” she said.

“I like to come up with interesting things to say about the home.

“When I moved house and had to sort through things I wondered about all the stu# you collect in life. Why does some of it have so much meaning? It’s about letting go.

” I had a garage sale, the good old Aussie garage sale, and put out a box of old bras for free. I forgot to bring them in after the sale and that night I heard drunk guys outside laughing. In the morning, all the trees in the street had my old bras dangling in them.

“I love that sort of thing, to write about that stu#. I enjoy that silly humour.”

Mandy Nolan Book Launch – Homes Truths, Myth Dusting.


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