Coal Dancing 3

Coal Dancing

It’s on, the fight the Murdoch papers have been waiting to see. Adani -ironically defended by the very same people it will end up fucking over!  The media  has been busy fuelling the antagonism between the two camps known as ‘pro Adani’ and ‘anti-Adani’. Couldn’t they just be called ‘pro future of the planet’ and ‘anti-future of the planet’?  Or ‘two groups of people who will get equal benefit from an Adani coal mine: none.’  While pro Adani supporters get back rubs from Pauline and Clive as they  paint placards with tired slogans about Greens taking their jobs, perhaps they need to consider that Renewable Energy Industry not only offers more long term jobs  than coal, it also ensures that the areas where they live don’t suffer degradation and that we don’t keep contributing to climate change. It’s a fact. Renewables actually create MORE jobs than coal. So why are there still Australians holding firm in the coal camp? Coal is screwing them, their kids, and the towns where they live. Vested interests vest a lot of interest in stirring the pot. It’s pretty clear The Murdoch papers hate renewables. In fact in a story by a Fox News reporter they stated that solar would never work in the US because it didn’t have as much sun as Germany! Most people think of Murdoch as a media mogul. Thats true, but he’s also a Fossil Fuel Man, with considerable equity stakes in Oil and Gas companies. So it’s no surprise that the Murdoch papers are our corporate cheersquads going for coal.  Paul Murray wrote a coal sucking syndicated column for Murdoch Media that called Bob Brown and the people who were dedicating weeks of their life to speak up against corporate giants ‘smug’. We’re talking about little people standing up against the country’s power brokers. I know who’s smug here, and its certainly not  people brave enough to protest Adani at the literal coalface. Going into a community brainwashed by the mainstream media into believing that giant corporations like Adani have their interests at heart is terrifying. Especially after the decades of adversorial diatribe that puts each group in their corners to play out the whole orchestrated ‘them and us’ charade.  Yep you’ve seen it before: dole bludging tree loving hippies in one corner, and hard working Australians being denied jobs in the other. Its the story that polarises Australians and distracts us from the truth: that a small minority at the top will reap huge profits at the expense of the rest of us, those few Australians who are lucky to get a job included.  It seems to me that buy viagra online cheapest almost the entire country is against Adani.  It always makes me feel sad when I see ordinary people in support of corporations who will eventually screw them over.  There are not 10 000 jobs – there’s probably more jobs at Bunnings. In fact Adani was referred to the consumer watchdog for ‘misleading vulnerable jobseekers with inflated claims’. With driverless trucks and automated vehicles, they’d be lucky to have 100 full time jobs. The Great Barrier Reef supports 64 000 jobs – so why isn’t the Murdoch muscle ramping up to save that valuable natural asset from the devastating impacts of being a coal port?    Just the other day the Courier Mail reported that ‘700 pro Adani supporters’ had braved the rain in Mackay dwarfing the Green’s convoy! They live there!  All they had to do was turn up – with an umbrella! The Green’s convoy have had to travel thousands of kilometres and have braved more than rain, they’ve braved, according to Canberra Times (coincidentally a Fairfax paper) gunshots, abuse and stones being thrown at cars. And someone assaulting a 61 year old woman with a horse. Well Courier Mail, I’d say thats a little more intense than rain. Clermont is also refusing to sell food or provide services for the convoy. And the convoy are serving what giant self interest… saving the planet for us all??  Who is getting rich here? Adani or Bob Brown? The environmental defenders aren’t corporate or medial moguls. They’re not profiteering. They’re passionate about the future for them and their families. They’re heroes. They are mums and dads, grandparents, and young people, – people who actually give a shit about the future of everyone’s kids. This isn’t as Paul Murray naively says about ’people who can feel warm and fuzzy at the other end of the country telling thousands of Queenslanders what they should be allowed to do for work.’ The future belongs to everyone, not just a few Queenslanders, and coal is not the future.  To keep using coal now is like using heroin to give up heroin.  So if Jobs are the issue: give those thousands of Queenslanders a career in Renewables.  Next Saturday the Anti-Adani Convoy hits Canberra – be there if you can. Don’t believe the bullshit of the mainstream media – they have their investment portfolios at heart not our best interests.

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