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Sunday 3rd Feb 2019

– Dirty Laundry Brisbane –

Writing About Your Family with Mandy Nolan

In this incredible, moving workshop, published writer and columnist Mandy Nolan, takes established and aspiring writers deep into the dramatic story of their family’s intricate personalities, experiences challenges and contradictions.

Using photographs and momentos from your family’s past as motifs to set the scene to tell the deeper, often untold story of family and ourselves.

This full day workshop is perfect for people interested in writing memoir as well as any one who has been wanting to write but havn’t been able to find the right process or place to begin.

The workshop takes you to the forgotten places of your own personal story though the transformative power of narrative.  Humbling, hilarious … human.


Our families are full of secrets, dysfunctions, love and betrayal. When it comes to looking for grand story plots sometimes what we’re after is right there in our backyard. Mandy Nolan’s workshop will have you fleshing out those skeletons from your family closet.

Maximum of 9 students, don’t miss out…

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